Kerry & Carl- Polhawn Fort

So what do you get if you mix an actress with a model maker? I flipping awesome wedding that's what. We had lots of tears, zombie coconut shy, 305 steps down to the beach, wet photographers bottom, epic golden hour and a full on choreographed first dance.

I met these two for their engagement shoot and instantly knew I was going to get on with these guys, mainly due to our love of The Walking Dead and how we would survive when the world goes up s*it creek, I feel I have the tools to be bad-ass zombie killer....anyway back to Kerry and Carl.... I can honestly say this wedding (the first of the year for me) has set a massive barrier to full-fill, so future bride and grooms....bring it's to an awesome 2017 of weddings.

Massive thanks to Steve Urwin my assistant from S.R.Urwin Weddings, for being a massive tech geek and teaching me a thing or two.