Greta & Will- Kingfishers- Cretingham Golf Club

I met Greta and Will through Will’s brother Tom who is a videographer. I met him at a very rainy wedding this last Summer. Greta is from Peru, and we spoke a lot about food and her culture when we met, enough so, it has made me want to go. Will surprised Greta with Llama’s on the day, and their decor reflected Greta’s heritage, and loved all the homemade gifts on the tables. Thanks for being a very laid back couple and flexible around me, due to lack of light etc…. I hope I captured your day how you remember and wishing all the luck in the future together as Mr & Mrs……xxx

Nicola & Ben- Hartsfield Manor

So I have been photographing these guys and their kids for years now, ever since Fraser was in Nicola’s tummy. So these guys are pro’s in-front of the cameras. And they didn’t disappoint on the day. They had their wedding at Hartsfield Manor in Surrey, a venue I have had been to laods of times. They had a F.R.I.E.N.D.S theme, all design by my friend Caz over at Little Lights Invites. Thanks to Jade Eleanor for assisting me on the day and producing her usual amazing photos. Wanna say a massive congrats Nic & Ben, and hopefully il be photographing your beautiful family for years to come. xx

Kayleigh & Charlotte- Five Oaks

So this wedding was one of my most challenging weddings due to the weather. It did not stop all day……we even had a tree fall down during the speeches and we had to stop whilst they chainsawed the rest down. Five Oaks is a brilliant wedding venue and Tim went out of his way to make sure the girls day went swimmingly (excuse the pun). These two are an awesome couple and despite the weather they day was beautiful and filled with lots of love. Here is just a snippet of your day….thanks to Jade Eleanor Photography for assisting me xx

Olivia & Jon- Garden Wedding

What a wedding this was…….Olivia is my acting teacher and more importantly she is a good friend of mine, so I jumped at the chance when she mentioned she was getting married in her parents garden. So naturally half the guests at this wedding were incredibly talented, actors and musicians, we even had an acapella version of the Greatest Showman, as they walked down the aisle. The person that stole the show was Olivia’s grandad, who had everyone in tears of laughter with his poems. Olivia & Jon’s first dance was actually a first song, they hired in a karaoke band, which I hadn’t seen before at a wedding. Everything was so relaxed and easy for me, I hope I have captured the day as you remember…..lots of love xx

Juliette & Ryan- Woldingham School

Juliette & Ryan got married at the gorgeous Woldingham School, after meeting them a few weeks before and getting completely lost and having to go up the hill I fear the most...Succombs hill, I arrived at the correct entrance at Woldingham School. The winding long drive leads you to this really old boarding school which opens it's door in the Summer holidays. Ok their day did rain, a little, and we were so lucky it stopped enough for us to run out and do some portraits and confetti. They had the most amazing band in the evening and Juliette looked stunning in her slimline dress. Congrats guys....I hope I have captured your day perfectly......xx


Dan & Lauren- Nurstead Court

So this day was HOT.....not one to complain, Dan & Lauren had their amazing day at Nurstead Court, a venue I hadn't been to before. I don't think I have cried so much during speeches and tried to hide it behind my camera. These guys were easy to capture and hope I have captured the day as you remember. Lauren had some of her students play in the band, and they were so good. Plus bonus points for an amazing wedding when you bring your dog along for formal pics......lots of love Jess.....thanks to Miguel Pilgrim for assisting me.

Sian & Stuart- Marquee Wedding-Cheam

This was the 4th wedding I have been to back in Cheam, and there is something about Cheam, good looking people, cars and houses, I can't explain it, everyone is good looking!! So Sian and Stu were not an exception.... this day was such a beaut, and it made it even better being so personal as it was at Sian's parents house, I also had my dream team, MDFlix on video and my assistant Miguel. Thanks for having me and I promise I was taking pictures most of the time and not singing on the mic (no one saw coz I was hidden behind the dance floor) Have an amazing future together and I am sure il see you both at another Cheam wedding soon! haha xx 

Sophie & James- Tudor Barn

So if your ever think you're rubbish in-front of the camera, then take a look at these pics...these two explained they were rubbish, but clearly they were telling me lies!! They look so frigging happy! Anyway, I met Soph at John Lewis, I was front-end and she was back-end.....I am talking about coding here, not anything else....and yes I used to be a web designer. Best part of this wedding...they got ready together, so easy for me, but it was so cute. Such fun friends and family and the venue looked amazing. Also topped it off, we got a free performance from Soph & her amazing choir! Also I totes videoed it as as well.... Anyway here is a snippet of the day. Hope you like them xxx

Ben & Georgina- Fitzleroi Farm

Had the pleasure to photograph these two a few weeks ago. I met Ben & Georgina through my friends Mo & Matt, who I photographed a few years ago. I don't think this wedding had anything missing, everything I have ever seen was packed into this barn and it looked incredible....they didn't just have a chocolate fountain, they had three....everything looked picture perfect and they also had an amazing African dance band, which got everyone up dancing so we managed to get most of our dance shots early on in the day. One thing though, they could have made it less hot....I don't think I have sweated so much at a wedding....have an amazing future togther guys, thanks to Maisum for assisting me that day xx

Steph & Dan- Coltsford Mill

I met Steph many years ago through her sister Laura who was my college mate, although she doesn't remember, I think we may have gone to Tiger Tiger in Croydon, which maybe the reason she has forgotten. So Steph & Dan, it has been a pleasure to get to know these guys after a few glasses of prosecco, and literally had a blast on the day with my assistant Niki, everything turned out perfectly and couldn't have wished a better day for a lovely couple. Hope to keep meeting up for prosecco catch up in the you need to come to the restaurant when it opens xx

Antonia & Dale- Russets Country House

So I wasn't the original photographer for these guys, I got bumped up from second...only coz my friend Kelly Love popped out her baby a bit earlier than expected. But I knew Antonia & Dale from other peoples weddings, I knew a few faces when I arrived, especially 2 bride and grooms of mine from the past. Apart from an eventful morning, the whole day was perfect, we have the best weather and was a pleasure to shoot at this venue again. Also got to work with my favs MDFlix.....and it was Dave's last ever wedding at MDFlix, so was lovely to be there. I hope I have captured everything from your beautiful day........(my second shooter pics aren't in this mix..I am still editing them!! haha) Have an amazing future together Mr & Mrs Burgess xx

Liam & Emily- Denbies Wine Estate

So...I met Liam down the fresh food aisle of Waitrose, yep we worked together and this is where he met his beautiful bride to be. Fast forward 10 or so years and we are at Denbies Wine Estate for their amazing wedding. I apologise to Emily's dad for calling him 'bog standard' I was reffering to the group shots, when I took the wedding party off for the 'more fun' group shots! haha. Thanks to the fab wedding party for painstakingly picking a load of dandelions and blowing them for a photo, then having to do it again coz the best mans head was in all of my shots. If my hay-fever wasn't bad enough, it got worse after that. Massive thanks to Jade Eleanor Photography for being my assistant that day. x

Hannah & John- Second Photographer for Chris Barber Photography- The Bell

I finally got to work with my fav photographer...Chris!! I now annoy him and his girlfriend about wanting to see them all the time! I like to collect awesome people in my life and these two are some of them. This wedding was stupidly awesome, and I totally judge weddings on the food...and we had burgers at this one, which were the best! I think we made Hannah & John laugh during their portraits mainly about how all 3 of us (me, Chris & video guy) were divorced and how we promote our professions really well! Thanks guys for letting me be part of your day and thanks to my mate Chris for letting me work with him, hopefully more to come!

Laura & Ashley- Cain Manor

First wedding of the year!!....So every photographer every season gets the fear all over again, when the first wedding of the year comes round. For me, I tend to take the Winter off or in my case go back to my old job at John Lewis as a contractor, so every year not having shot much for 6 months, I get the fear.......BUT luckily, I knew Laura through my friend Kelly, so already I felt like I was photographing a friends wedding, and with the help and assistance from my second Nicki, it was all fine....also got my magic shot at the end. Laura & Ashley put up with rain and me dragging them out in it, they were amazing!! Massive thanks to Nicki from Adorlee Photography for being my assistant. xx