Antonia & Dale- Russets Country House

So I wasn't the original photographer for these guys, I got bumped up from second...only coz my friend Kelly Love popped out her baby a bit earlier than expected. But I knew Antonia & Dale from other peoples weddings, I knew a few faces when I arrived, especially 2 bride and grooms of mine from the past. Apart from an eventful morning, the whole day was perfect, we have the best weather and was a pleasure to shoot at this venue again. Also got to work with my favs MDFlix.....and it was Dave's last ever wedding at MDFlix, so was lovely to be there. I hope I have captured everything from your beautiful day........(my second shooter pics aren't in this mix..I am still editing them!! haha) Have an amazing future together Mr & Mrs Burgess xx

Liam & Emily- Denbies Wine Estate

So...I met Liam down the fresh food aisle of Waitrose, yep we worked together and this is where he met his beautiful bride to be. Fast forward 10 or so years and we are at Denbies Wine Estate for their amazing wedding. I apologise to Emily's dad for calling him 'bog standard' I was reffering to the group shots, when I took the wedding party off for the 'more fun' group shots! haha. Thanks to the fab wedding party for painstakingly picking a load of dandelions and blowing them for a photo, then having to do it again coz the best mans head was in all of my shots. If my hay-fever wasn't bad enough, it got worse after that. Massive thanks to Jade Eleanor Photography for being my assistant that day. x

Hannah & John- Second Photographer for Chris Barber Photography- The Bell

I finally got to work with my fav photographer...Chris!! I now annoy him and his girlfriend about wanting to see them all the time! I like to collect awesome people in my life and these two are some of them. This wedding was stupidly awesome, and I totally judge weddings on the food...and we had burgers at this one, which were the best! I think we made Hannah & John laugh during their portraits mainly about how all 3 of us (me, Chris & video guy) were divorced and how we promote our professions really well! Thanks guys for letting me be part of your day and thanks to my mate Chris for letting me work with him, hopefully more to come!

Laura & Ashley- Cain Manor

First wedding of the year!!....So every photographer every season gets the fear all over again, when the first wedding of the year comes round. For me, I tend to take the Winter off or in my case go back to my old job at John Lewis as a contractor, so every year not having shot much for 6 months, I get the fear.......BUT luckily, I knew Laura through my friend Kelly, so already I felt like I was photographing a friends wedding, and with the help and assistance from my second Nicki, it was all fine....also got my magic shot at the end. Laura & Ashley put up with rain and me dragging them out in it, they were amazing!! Massive thanks to Nicki from Adorlee Photography for being my assistant. xx


Ellie & Dan- One Kew Road

One sunny October day, I was lucky enough to photograph these gorgeous two. My first wedding at Richmond registry office (beautiful location) and first at their wedding venue One Kew Road. I met Ellie through her brother Goldie as we know him, and had a blast photography them and their bump....I hope I have captured your day as you remember and wishing you all the happiness in your future family.........JJP xx

Alice & Matt- The Goring & Blacks

September weddings....beautiful light and nights getting darker. I first met Alice and Matt at Blacks after a few amazing cocktails, I knew these two were my kind of couple. So their day started at The Goring, in a room opposite where Kate Middleton got ready the day of her wedding! The morning was probably the calmest I have had to date....equally a beautiful ceremony at Chelsea town hall and back to The Goring for dinner, which myself and the videographers were treated to amazing food and relaxed atmosphere. Jumping back into the luxury Jaguar we headed towards Soho, stopping at The Albert Bridge for some portraits, to then arrive with the whole wedding party greeting the bride & groom from outside. Thanks for a very relaxed, easy-going wedding, you make my job easy! Wishing you all the luck in the future as Mr & Mrs........xx

Cat & Macka- The Night Yard

So I was fortunate enough to photograph our amazing friends wedding Cat & Macka, they are very close friends with my boyfriend and I have been lucky enough to get to know them both well over the last few years. Cat being Scottish and Macka being part of the PNM crew, you know you are going to have a messy party ahead of you, my boyfriend being both of those two things, being Scottish and in PNM crew, he definitely achieved this around the speeches time. I did put down my camera halfway through the day and began to regret it when Tron got on the decks,  and it was in for an amazing evening. I hope I have captured the day as you remember until the hours of the day you probably didn't remember. Can't wait to continue our friendship with you both Mr & Mrs Mackay Miller!!..................JJP xx

Ed & Grace- Browsholme Hall

So this was the weekend of two weddings, both being 300 miles apart from one another, late Saturday night I trekked up the M6 a very long time, but it was definitely worth it. This wedding smashed it out the park. I was lucky enough to be part-guest as I have known Ed for a few years, I can definitely say these guys can party!! I managed to capture a sparkler shot whilst slightly drunk, so I am pretty happy! Wishing you both an amazing future together and il catch up sopn with you both... xx

Nicola & Gareth- Hookhouse Farm

So my last wedding this year at this gorgeous venue... So I need to top the engagement shoot I did with Nicola & Gareth, it was an epic engagement...I am pretty sure this tops it. Best moment was when the best man asked if was ok for him to Photoshop himself in some on the engagement photos, I did initally think, these are going to be rubbish.....they were amazing...I didn't include the one of him running away naked in the fields in this blog but I can leave you with that image.. Thanks for being an amazing couple and I hope myself and Michael my assistant have catptured your day how you remembered it....JJP x

Lianne & Dave- Gildings Barn

Ahh this wedding.......where to start. It was such a pleasure to photograph these two, so easy to get on with and everything about this wedding was stunning. The ceremony has to be one of my fav's, I loved how personal it was, all the legal stuff done on another day and all that remained was amazing personal vows, and a friend who conducted the ceremony. We were lucky with the light and had the most amazing golden hour, I got to work with my fav's MD Flix again and to top it off, rainbow canon fav, even better when the bridesmaid points it at her feet rather than up in the air!! Congrats you two......lots of love JJP xx

Sarah & David- Millbridge Court

I have known David since he was a little 7 year old, tagging along to my birthday party at Water Palace (best place ever) coz my brother was allowed to bring some of his new friends, from where we had moved to since leaving our hometown of Croydon. Flash forward twenty-five years and his sister is my little sister and his family is our second family. So it was only natural when Sarah came along she would fit in nicely as very close family friends.  I hadn't been to Millbridge Court before, and it was such a beautiful venue, and I loved their personal touches with the name tags, balloons, and the help yourself ice-cream station. I hope I have captured the day how you remembered it, and thank you for having as your photographer/guest..........JJP xx

Becky & Andy- Hookhouse Farm

One thing this weekend didn't have enough of was colour, lots of rainbow colours, rainbow socks, rainbow lanterns and rainbow confetti which almost didn't make it there....that's another story. Unfortunetly this is the first wedding I have shot at Hookhouse where it rained, and it did rain and rain but like most English Summers, it did stop every now and then. I knew when I met Becky and Andy for the first time and Becky mentioned she was a set designer, I knew this was going to be a colourful imaginative wedding, and it was. I had so much fun photographing you guys, loved the dancing and all the amazing details for me to capture. I hope you had an amazing day and I hope these photos bring back memories for you both. Massive thanks to Jade for assisting me again..JJP xx