Louise & Rupert- Garden Wedding

So Lou used to be my boss way back when I was pulling pints in the local pub, she was a babe and one amazing boss, I had an easy life, serving Dame Judi Dench and running up to the store room as quickly as I could coz I was told it was haunted upstairs. This wedding....seriously I haven't seen a more amazing marquee, so many flowers! This wedding was pretty laid back, no church photos and no cutting of the cake...which is my kind of wedding. They were never going to do things by halves, I mean these two have a disco ball in their kitchen and a champagne bar in their garden (yes this wasn't built for the wedding, it was already there) And to top it off their first dance was to Rick Astley, I mean, come on......I hope you have an amazing life together with your huge family, drinking champagne till your both really really old......lots of love xxxx

P.s thanks to my assistant Michael for helping me, even when I was slightly poorly that day