Laura & Luke- Lains Barn

So this lovely couple came to meet me at my boyfriend's restaurant in London and spent the evening chatting away over his famous Jerk Chicken, fast forward a few months to their wedding day. I started the day getting lost around where they live I had to stop and ask some burly blokes moving heavy furniture what road I was on to their embarrassed reply 'this is CandyCane Drop Lane' or something to that ridiculousness, I was evidently on the wrong road...I was looking for Snowdrop Sugar Lane...(only joking) So the day went like this.... I had a crying groom (my fav) a strange garden game that almost took my assistant Laura out, very close, but quite funny. A groom's mother downing Jaeger bombs and me forgetting some equipment at the end and having to do a 45min round trip to go back and collect them (annoying!) Anyway have a fab life together you two, and massive thanks to my assistant Laura Martha Photography.....xxxx