Hayley & Ben- Garden Wedding

#partyvibes pretty much sums up this wedding, jaeger bombs, cocktails and people on the dancefloor before the food as even come out. My kind of people. I met Hayley at a wedding last year, I was photographing and she was doing the brides hair, she liked my style and the rest is history. I hadn't met Ben before, he wasn't too up for having his photo taken in the morning, but after a few beers, I couldn't get him away from the camera, plus he was busting out his hilarious dance move, yes move not moves. I am not one to take so many posed photos but everyone was up for it, everyone was smashed by 6pm and I was even asked to go to the after party.....if I hadn't had to drive, of course I would have been there. Hayley & Ben hope you like this summary of the day and wish you all the happiness together. J x